miercuri, 17 iunie 2009


dSLR sensor cleaning

I found this link very useful to instruct a self-cleaning sensor method.

Mechanical Watch Revision

Remove dust from dSLR camera lenses

(inspired by this discussion )

I bought my equipment from internet and it was second hand. The 18-70 nikon kit lens had some annoying dust inside, so I've decided to investigate if it was possible to clean it. And it was!


The tricky part was to file the shape of the nails so that they can enter into the narrow space of the front part of the lens. I'm not sure if my tool is the best result (it should only be one piece of wood, but my had broken too many times...), but it worked. Actually, with two "active" nails, and only one in the middle, the two mobile pieces of wood can change the diameter of the tool (tricky, isn't it?) if you think to use it on different lenses. I hope you can make it ;)

Be aware! I've scratch the lens a little, you have to be very careful, especially when you open the lens for the first time. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

It is your responsibility for all these operations, of course :D

Lucruri ce-ti fac viata mai usoara

Aici sunt cateva lucruri ce merita impartasite. Poti contribui si tu cu ceva; daca stii, spune-mi.

Mozilla + plugin-ul AddBlock Plus
si ai scapat definitiv de puzderia suparatoare si sacaitoare de reclame ce apar pe majoritatea paginilor...

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Sample images for maaaany lenses...

Find nice fonts and many for FREEEEE!!!....

vineri, 12 iunie 2009



this is my niece


This little girl was very restless. I tried to follow her to get at least one still shot. I though I've missed all the shots. Till I got home...

Baile Herculane.


La Ade & Boggy in garso

miercuri, 10 iunie 2009


Focus problem?

This page describes - among others (try some googleing) - how to adjust your d70 SLR to achieve good, reasonable autofocus. It might apply to other SLRs too. Read it carefully!

Also google for what is called a Focus Test Chart in order to know if you need such calibration, or to test if you set things up properly.

marți, 9 iunie 2009



I was a sunny Sunday. I woke up very early, yet the summer seemed to be very decided to fulfill all the day with it's warmth. The sun was filling these flowers with overwhelming light...


Almost everyone has flowers like these. But this fact doesn't make them less beautiful...


Struggling with focus...


marți, 2 iunie 2009

La Somes


Cauta pe blog...

Persoane interesate

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