marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

M42 EOS Adapter Review

AF confirm chip lens adapter review

Bought this adapter, put it on the camera, and from the first shots I'm sure: it does the job! I fell in love with manual lenses long time ago for many reasons: very useful apertures and focal lengths available (i.e. 85mm f/2.0. 58mm f/2, 50mm f/1.4, 135mm f/3.5) and all this at a so small price! I started making beautiful macro shots, but in all cases, the subject had to be still. I tried to use a portrait lens even at a wedding, but if you want to achieve that marvelous bokeh you have to use a small DOF and that is a very big problem is the subject is moving. Sometimes 2cm and you lost the focus on the eyes! You definitely cannot ask to the bride and groom to stay still for another 1 minute, cause you missed the proper focus... The equation changes very much with this adapter. Mounted on EOS you have that missing confirmation light (shame on canon engineers, or marketing staff, which decided to block it), and now with that AUTO mode you can just keep the shutter pressed and the picture is taken automatically when focused. Of course, you have to be careful not to go beyond the focus point, but with small practice the perfect shots will not be missed anymore. I think my manual focus lenses will be used with great success now even at weddings or other events where people should be photographed. Other features include the ability to program it with the known data of the lenses, so that the EXIF looks now more complete and they leave the impression of a very expensive high quality lens, which is very good for your clients. I love so much this adapter. It's well built, good quality and I'm planning to buy more for other types of lenses I have. It is a great investment because is giving more value to those manual focus lenses. It worth every penny, thank you so much!

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